Sweet Greens

Autumn Juice Recipe

sweet greens juice recipe
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Sweet Greens

QTY: 750 ml
Time: 4 minutes
Category: Autumn
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Who loves spinach... especially raw spinach? Remember Popeye cartoons and the strength he got from eating spinach. Well it turns out spinach is an amazing health food and I think this juice recipe will help you consume more raw spinach in your diet.
The juice has a well-balanced flavour profile with just enough sweetness. It is light, refreshing and minty.


  • 4 stalks celery
  • 2 pears
  • 1/2 bunch spinach
  • 1/2 bunch mint


  • Chop into small thumb size pieces across the stalks (this shortens the long stringy cellulose fibre and stops it from wrapping around the press)
  • You can juice celery leaves, however, it will add bitterness, so discard if you don’t like this
  • Remove the hard wooden stems
  • Juice whole or cut in half if too big to fit into the wide chute
  • Remove the leaves from the woody stems
  • Fill a sink with water and wash well
  • Roughly chop leaves and roots
  • Juice handfuls at a time


  • Start with the pears, they juice easily. Add them in whole one at a time.
  • Next, add all the mint in one handful.
  • Next, add handfuls of spinach one at a time. You may need to use the pusher to push the green down onto the press.
  • Finish with the celery. Again add handfuls at a time and use the pusher if needed.


Calories: 168kcal
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