Super Vitamin C

Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

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Super Vitamin C

QTY: 600 ml
Time: 2 minutes
Category: Immune Boosting Juices
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I called this recipe Super Vitamin C as it is packed with 682mg of plant-based vitamin C to help fight off the common cold. You will feel the many health benefits of this juice as soon as you drink it. The taste is sweet and a little peppery. A perfect juice for the colder months.


  • 2 Kiwi Fruits
  • 2 Oranges
  • 1 Red Capsicum


  • Juice kiwi fruits whole with skin on
  • Remove the orange skin leaving as much white pith as possible
  • Cut in half or quarters if too big to fit into the wide chute
  • Remove the green stems
  • Cut into halves or quarters to fit in the wide chute
  • Remove excess seeds for better flavour (you can juice them)


  • Begin making this juice with the kiwi fruits. Drop them in whole one at a time. If they are particularly soft let them machine run for a few seconds to push them through.
  • Next, I like to blend the oranges and red capsicum together, so I close the cap of the juicer and alternate juicing one orange, half a red capsicum, one orange then the last half of the red capsicum
  • If the capsicums are large just cut them in to quarters.
  • Open the cap to release the blended juice.
  • Tip: keep your orange peel and soak in vinegar for 2 weeks in a glass mason jar then use the liquid for cleaning or bug spray. It's also great to eliminate ants.


Calories: 191kcal
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Liquid Nutrition

There is more to every fruit, vegetable and leafy green than taste and flavour. Each one has a unique signature or a "sign from nature" indicating what part of the human body its nutrition targets. The light or the colour of fruits and vegetables can help us heal emotionally (think colour therapy) and the lessons the fruits, vegetables and leafy greens learn when growing get passed onto us, to help us, when we consume them.

kiwi healing juice


Signature: blood flow to eyes
green, builds personal power
Lesson: connect to the vastness of universe, feed your enthusiasm


  • blood thinning alternative to aspirin
  • rich source of lutein to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
  • good source of omega-3
  • helps high blood pressure
orange healing


Signature: breast cells
orange, builds joy and curiosity
Lesson: second chance, warmth


  • combat cancer
  • protect your heart
  • strengthen respiratory system
  • support immune system
  • high in bioactive calcium
  • high in glutathione for eye health



Signature: heart & blood
Colour: various, green is "unripe", red is sweetest
Lessons: make life fun


  • build muscle through high vitamin c
  • boost immune system
  • improve vision and protect eyes
  • lower cholesterol
  • weight loss