Squeaky Green

Dinner Juice Recipe

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Squeaky Green

QTY: 900 ml
Time: 6 minutes
Category: Dinner Juice
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The best way to get more greens into your diet is to juice them.
This recipe is packed with heaps of fresh, greens that is both refreshing and alkalizing.
It tastes light, watery and refreshing and will leave you feeling squeaky clean and well hydrated.


  • 1 head Lettuce
  • 3 stalks Celery
  • 1 handful Baby Spinach
  • 1 handful Mint Leaves


  • Cut into half and then into quarters and then into eighths
  • Juice in small pieces
  • Cut into chunks to fit down the chute
  • Juice with skin on
  • Chop into small thumb size pieces across the stalks (this shortens the long stringy cellulose fibre and stops it wrapping around the press)
  • You can juice celery leaves, however it will add bitterness, so discard if you don’t like it.
Baby Spinach
  • Wash well to remove dirt
  • No need to cut anything
  • Remove the leaves from the woody stems
  • Juice leave whole


  • Before you begin, please take your time with the ingredients in this juice.
  • Firstly, start with the lettuce. Go slow and use your pusher to help get each piece pushed down onto the press inside the juicer.
  • Next juice the celery pieces (they will help push the lettuce through the strainer).
  • Grab a handful of the spinach leaves and squeeze them into a tight ball and add them to the chute of the juicer. Do the same with the mint leaves. Let the juicer squeeze and press all of the leaves.
  • Lastly, add the cucumber pieces waiting for each piece to be pressed and squeezed before adding the next.
  • Tip: after making this juice close the cap and add 500ml of water to the juicer. Let it run for a minute or two. It will clean the juicer and pickup lots more nutrients from all the greens. You can then water your plants or drink the nutrient rich water yourself. 


Calories: 24kcal
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Liquid Nutrition

There is more to every fruit, vegetable and leafy green than taste and flavour. Each one has a unique signature or a "sign from nature" indicating what part of the human body its nutrition targets. The light or the colour of fruits and vegetables can help us heal emotionally (think colour therapy) and the lessons the fruits, vegetables and leafy greens learn when growing get passed onto us, to help us, when we consume them.

cos lettuce healing

Cos Lettuce

Signature: blood flow to brain
Colour: green light, builds pride and self-control
Lessons: seize the moment, recognize what's in front of us


  • prevent oxidization of cholesterol
  • lowers blood pressure
  • high in omega-3, calcium, and iron and has more vitamin C than an orange
  • vitamins E & K can help balance blood sugar, strengthen muscles and bones
  • high silicon content helps to repair and renew joints, bones, arteries, and connective tissues
  • contains sedative compounds that relax the nerves and calm the body
cucumber healing


Signature: skin, male reproductive organ
Colour: green light, builds pride and self-control
Lessons: helps you deal with anger issues


  • strengthens bones
  • alkalizing & hydrating
  • counteract toxins
  • purify blood and skin
  • hydrating the blood and liver
  • lift depression


Signature: bones
Colour: green, builds pride and self-control
Lessons: calming, simplifying and embracing balance


  • bone minerals
  • fights autoimmune disease
  • flushes out Strep bacteria
  • assist with acid reflux
  • kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles virus
  • raise hydrochloric acid levels
  • improve brain function
  • restores adrenal fatigue
  • flushes out liver toxins
  • reduces liver heat
spinach healing


English or Baby Spinach

Signature: blood, brain & muscles
Colour: green light, builds pride and self-control
Lessons: curb cravings, release toxic emotional build-up


  • high in plant-based iron
  • improve blood flow
  • nutrition for nervous system
  • builds blood
  • eczema and psoriasis
  • high in beta-carotene and lutein
mint healing


Signature: tounge and brain
green, builds personal power and desire to achieve
Lesson: cut through with your words


  • headache relief
  • indigestion and nausea
  • blood circulation
  • respiratory inflammation