Winter Juicing eBook with 3-Day Juice Cleanse



This Winter Juicing eBook includes fantastic health information on the top fruits and vegetables to juice during winter and a comprehensive 3-day juice detox program designed especially for juice cleansing during winter.



  • Winter Juicing Guide eBook – downloadable pdf file
  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse (winter menu) – printable pdf file
  • 3 Day Shopping List – printable pdf file

Re-Published: June 2023
Pages: 60
Author: Gary Dowse
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Winter Juicing

There are many health benefits to be gained from adding more nutritious juices to our diet during Winter and this Winter Juicing eBook with 3 day juice cleanse takes the guesswork away of what are the best foods to juice.

Vegetable juices come into their own during the winter season, especially root vegetables like radishes, parsnips, swede, turnips, beetroots, and carrots. These winter vegetables are full of bio-available minerals that help build and strengthen the body during the hibernation period of winter.

Winter is the season of hibernation. It is a time when our energy turns inwards, and we look to create stillness and calm within. We have less sunlight, more rain, and snow covering much of the earth, which means we have an abundance of water during this time. It is no surprise that the element associated with Winter is Water!

Water = finding stillness, reflection, and cleansing.

So, let us take a look at how Water is represented in our bodies.

Water is found in all of our ‘vital fluids’ – phlegm, mucus, plasma, lymph, interstitial & serous fluids.

It is no surprise that cold and flu-like symptoms are more common during winter because the fire and dryness of the previous season (summer) gets trapped in the body due to the natural cold of winter contracting and restricting. Whenever you have cold and flu-like symptoms, remember to use the ‘water element’ to get more water into your body. Drink more fresh juices, especially my Super Vitamin C recipe to help speed up your recovery (especially if you have a glass or two of this each day).

Winter is also a time when many people suffer from poor circulation, aches, pains, asthma, and arthritis due to this contracting cold energy.

Drinking plenty of water and juices during winter will assist with keeping the blood moving. Try adding rosemary, garlic, or ginger as they are great warming herbs and spices that will also help improve blood flow.

Health Tip:

During winter, turn off all heating while you sleep and open a window in your bedroom, just slightly, to let in some fresh air. This simple act will help to prevent heat and dryness from getting trapped in your body causing cold and flu-like symptoms. If the fresh air makes you feel cold, put an extra blanket on the bed!

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Winter Juicing eBook Contents:

The Winter Season – learn to juice with the energy of winter and see what foods can assist you to heal during the colder months

What Foods to Juice in Winter?

  • What are the top 13 Foods to Juice in Winter
  • Learn the Health Benefits of juicing correctly during Winter

3 Day Juice Cleanse program (winter menu)

  • feel lighter in 3-days
  • signs you need to cleanse
  • tips for cleansing
  • 3-day winter juicing menu
  • 3-day shopping list
  • pre and post-cleanse do’s and don’ts
  • common juice cleansing FAQ’s

16 Juice Recipes for Winter

  • 9 Winter Juice Recipes
  • 3 Winter Juice Broths
  • 4 Winter Juice Shots


About the Author

Gary Dowse is a certified Plant-Based Professional Chef with a certification in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition and Natural Juice Therapy.

He is also the Master Juice Chef for Kuvings Australia, and you will often find him on stage or on video speaking about juicing and living a healthy lifestyle.