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Get this downloadable Spring Juicing eBook by Master Juice Chef Gary Dowse.

Includes a complete 3-Day Spring Cleanse program.

Published: September 2021
Pages: 56
File Format: Adobe PDF
Author: Gary Dowse

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There are so many health benefits to be gained from adding more nutritious juices to our diet during Spring and this eBook takes the guesswork away of what are the best foods to juice.

Spring is the perfect time to start a “spring clean” for the body.

Spring Juicing eBook Includes:

  • What to Juice in Spring?
  • Top 13 Foods to Juice in Spring
  • Health Benefits of Spring Juicing
  • 3-Day Spring Juice Cleanse program
  • 13 Spring Cold Press Juice Recipes


Time to drink your Greens!

So, what do you need to Juice in Spring?

Spring is the season of new growth. It’s when the trees start to blossom and we start seeing more green everywhere, on the trees and in the garden after the cold, barren winter.

It’s any wonder that green juices naturally kick into gear during springtime.

Think about; sprouts, leafy greens, and herbs (like parsley and basil) as well as any green vegetables that grow above the ground, like celery, cucumber and zucchini. All these green foods provide us with minerals like sodium and potassium to help us move our bodies more, and an important green nutrient known as chlorophyll helps us get our blood pumping.

Chlorophyll is often referred to as “the blood of plants”. It helps the plants to absorb energy from sunlight and it’s what gives plants their green colour.

Eating and juicing green herbs and vegetables is one of the best ways to get lots more of this powerful plant-based nutrient into your diet.

Chef Tip: Juicing greens with some apples or pineapple with a ½ lemon or lime will make your green juice taste great and encourage you to drink more.


About the Author

Gary Dowse is a certified Plant-Based Professional Chef with a certification in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition and Natural Juice Therapy.

He is also the Master Juice Chef for Kuvings Australia, and you will often find him on stage or on video speaking about juicing and living a healthy lifestyle.

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