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Get this 55 page downloadable Autumn Juice Cleanse eBook written by Julianne & Gary Dowse.

We’ve created this booklet to give you everything you need to know in order to successfully go 5 days on nothing but freshly made, cold pressed juice. Whilst the recipes have been designed to support you over the autumn months you can actually use this program right throughout the year.

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Publication Date
March 2021

Gary Dowse
Julianne Dowse

Table of Contents

Why Juice?

  • #1 More Raw
  • #2. More Light
  • #3. It’s only the juice that feeds us!
  • #4. Toxicity and Deficiency

5-Day Autumn Juice Cleanse program

  • Feel lighter in just 5 days
  • Benefits of doing a juice cleanse
  • Signs you need a Juice Cleanse
  • Juice Cleansing Tips
  • The 5-day Menu
  • Shopping List
  • 15 Cold Press Juice Recipes

After the Cleanse

  • The First Bite
  • FAQ’s
  • Further Reading & Resources


About Gary

Way back in 1997 I received my first black belt in Kung Fu. I was taught to fight, and I knew how to hurt people. One of my mentors said, “Gary you did good but if you want to be great you have to learn to heal people.” Hearing this changed my life and I have been passionate about energy medicine, health and healing ever since.

I studied Chinese Medicine with Professor Wong, trained for several years in Qigong with Master Liu and became an Energy Medicine practitioner with the Four Winds Society under Dr Alberto Villoldo and worked with clients for several years.

In 2013 both Julianne and I did a 3-day base camp with Cowboy Don Tolman – The Wholefood Medicine Man.

Learning the ancient wisdom of self-care, fasting, eating a wholefood plant-based diet and following the 7 principles of health as taught by Cowboy Don set us both on a new path of juicing and teaching people about the preventative, restorative, healing powers of wholefoods.

I very quickly wanted to learn more, so I studied Plant-based Nutrition with Coin T Campbell, Juice Therapy with The Juice Master Jason Vale and earned a plant-based professional cooking certificate at Rouxbe International cooking school.

We now run yearly juicing retreats and my day to day role as Master Juice Chef for Kuvings Australia sees me on stage doing many shows and juicing demonstration all around Australia.

About Julianne

As an intuitive, sensitive being who grew up in an environment that constantly served lemons – I learnt how to make lemonade! Deep down, I knew there was more to life, so when an opportunity presented itself in 1993 to move to Melbourne (from Adelaide), I grabbed it with both hands!

My passion…

Besides my gorgeous husband (and food), my passion is helping people ‘find their way’ to a lighter, brighter, greater and more magical version of themselves. “A candle never loses its light when lighting another candle.”

Things I’ve done…

I wrote a book – it’s called A Foodie’s Guide to Juice Fasting to help people do a 7-day juice fast. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I know what it’s like to go without the very thing you love the most and so…I feel I have a lot to offer as most people don’t think they can go without food, let alone fast!

I give you an insider’s perspective on what to expect and how to navigate it successfully. So, whether you want to overcome a sickness, feel more energetic, or improve your overall health and wellbeing, you’ll move closer to your goal with a little help from someone who has been there and done that. And, as one of your facilitators, I am a testament to that!



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