Juice Chef Book

Juice Recipes for Health & Healing

Introducing the Juice Chef Recipe Book with 52 delicious tasting cold press juice recipes for health and healing. Includes a comprehensive 3-day juice cleanse program, juicing for health information and more…



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Book Includes

52 delicious tasting cold press juice recipe for health and healing!

Book Chapters

  • Cold Pressed Juice – why is it so good for you?
  • Juicing vs Blending – is there a difference?
  • How to Juice – preparation of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices for juicing
  • Toxicity and Deficiency – how can you use juice to balance the scales?
  • 3-Day Juice Cleanse Program – before and after hints, tips and signs you need to cleanse
  • The 7 Principles of Health – discover what the ancients knew about health and healing
  • Top 5 Juicing Tips – Juicing has never been easier!

Juice Recipes

  • Breakfast Juices
  • Lunch Juices
  • Dinner Juices
  • Detox Juices
  • Immune Boosting Juices
  • First Aid Juices
  • Energy Juices
  • Nut Mylks


day cleanse


principles of health
Juice Chef Book Gary Dowse

Cold Press is Best

Hi, Gary Dowse here.

I have a real passion for natural health which has lead me to discover the amazing power of fresh, living, raw, natural juices.

I love the restorative and preventative medicine you get from juicing and eating a whole food plant-based diet.

My advice for living a healthy lifestyle is to eat “More Raw”. Most people just don’t eat enough raw fruits and vegetable so juicing, especially cold press juicing which maintains all the valuable vitamins, enzymes and phyto-nutrients for good health, is an easy solution to help people get more raw into their day. 

If you want fail-safe juices, then look no further, Book 1 of the Juice Chef series gives you everything you need to be a Juice Chef in your own home!

Gary has produced an excellent reference book on juicing with lots of recipes to explore. I tried the first one and really liked it, and I hope to try them all eventually.


I love this juice book not only does it have great recipes it has valuable information on the benefits of juice for you.


 So much information wealth of knowledge preparing my juice in a different way now it’s become so much easier. Just finished making bowls to juice. Looking forward my juicing journey. Thank you.


I love the additional information provided as well as the variety of different juices. I’m working my way through them. The book is an ideal size, not to heavy and not too light.


Some of the tastiest juices I have ever made, a winner in our home

Great book – easy to follow and understand, thoroughly recommend

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Liquid Nutrition

“Just one glass of freshly extracted cold pressed juice will give your body literally hundreds, if not thousands of nutrients – it is a true powerhouse!

“Getting more juice into your diet means your body is better able to prevent and fight diseases, especially chronic diseases, because of all the increased nutrients it receives.”

“This book contains Juice Recipes that I have personally made and used amongst my family and friends to restore and promote good health.”