Health Benefits of Juicing #4

More Antioxidants

#4 More Antioxidants

Antioxidants deserve a specific mention when it comes to the benefits of juicing because antioxidants stop us from dying and aging! Read that again. They stop the process of aging.

And guess what, you ONLY get antioxidants from fruits, herbs and vegetables.

The more fruits and vegetables you consume the more antioxidants you get. And guess what? Juicing allows you to easily consume more fruits and veggies – far more than if you had to actually chew them.

Many people avoid fruit and veggies because someone told them Mother Nature got it wrong. Fruits have too much “sugar”, certain vegetables are night shades, this is bad, that is no good. I get it, there is so much confusion out there because everyone wants to sell you something that is some how better than what nature has to offer. It’s hard to know what and who to trust.

At the end of the day, I think everyone knows that getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet is a good thing. And whilst there might be lots of ‘hidden agendas’ to lead people away from that simple truth, it is a simple truth, and we all know it! And, unlike a lot of ‘other stories’ out there – you won’t find a ‘money-trail’ to follow with the eating of it! No-one is going to get rich from you eating more bananas… 😉

I remember a time when fruit was not ever questioned. We didn’t have a hang up on eating it, drinking it or having it for dessert. It was seen as the healthiest option you could have. It filled our lunchboxes, and it was pretty much the first and only snack that got offered!

We all need to eat more fruit because they contain the largest number of antioxidants.

Most importantly there are many different levels of antioxidants within fruits like, polyphenols, anthocyanins and coenzymes that are absolutely critical for your health!!!


These complex antioxidants cleanse and heal your body on a daily basis. If you avoid fresh fruit, you are avoiding the best healing food on the planet to keep you healthy.

Of course, herbs also contain antioxidants. Coriander (Cilantro) is one of the highest. Leafy greens like Kale are a great source and all of the coloured root vegetables like Carrot and Beetroot also contain lots of valuable antioxidants.

Remember when you get your antioxidants directly from fruits and vegetables you are getting them in the way nature intended, in correct ratios, with all the other nutrients and with a life force that communicates with your cells to deliver them exactly where they are most needed in the body.

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I love the saying... ‘Wisdom comes from using the knowledge you learn and passion comes from sharing that wisdom with others’. May the wisdom I am sharing here and my passion for juicing inspire you to drink more liquid nutrition and make juicing a regular part of your daily life!

Gary Dowse

Juice Chef