Health Benefits of Juicing #2

More Light

#2 More Light

We all know that fruits and vegetables are essential to life, but let’s explore this a bit further.

Plants have the ability to harness the light from the sun and produce different coloured fruits and vegetables for humans to enjoy through a process known as photosynthesis.

In order for plants to grow and to protect themselves (make themselves resilient to the elements of nature) they produce natural chemicals called “phytochemicals” or phytonutrients.

These natural chemicals support the plant throughout its lifecycle and when we take them into our body, through eating or drinking, they also support us!

Each coloured pigment has hundreds of known (and unknown) phytonutrients that are beneficial to our health. Nutrients like lycopene, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, and anthocyanin have well known and documented health benefits.

Science now tells us that phytochemicals have powerful antioxidant effects that help us to live longer and healthier, thanks to their anti-aging effect and protection from lifestyle diseases.

What is not well known, is that these colours are not only helping us physically but are also helping us emotionally.

We all know our thoughts and feelings are powerful. They are dynamic forces that influence every aspect of our lives and are a major causative factor in healing any disease.

It has been said that how we feel about life and ourselves is what we become.

Whether we realize it or not, our emotions powerfully affect our cells, tissues and organs of our physical bodies.

So, how do the phytonutrients (colours) in plants help us emotionally?

Just look at how we use colour in our society:

  • Red is associated with feeling angry or embarrassed.
  • Yellow is associated with feeling afraid or scared.
  • If you are Blue, we all know that it describes feeling sad or depressed.
  • And, you may be feeling Green with envy, or jealousy.

Emotional Molecules are real!

They are as real as protein molecules or calcium molecules and they can be stored deep within the body and naturally released.

When you take in more light through juicing (or eating more plant-based foods) your body will naturally release more of the stored toxic emotional molecules.

And, when you do a juice cleanse your body will have an opportunity to release some of these emotional molecules during your cleanse. And, the longer time you cleanse for, the deeper and deeper amounts of trapped emotional molecules will be released.

We have seen first-hand where people start doing a juice cleanse and their “stuff” just comes up. This is a really good thing. Let it out, it helps to release ‘this stuff’. You want to release your emotions and let your light shine brighter.


Juicy Tip:

Colour (light) is an extremely important part of cleansing. No-one wants to drink ‘murky-looking’ juice, especially when you are cleaning house! So, we highly recommend using a Cold Press Juicer for your cleanse, so you get the very best quality, taste and most importantly, more light nutrients are maintained within your juice.

The greens are brighter, reds are more vibrant, and oranges and yellows are more vivid. This is because less heat and oxygen are present when squeezing and pressing in a cold press juicer.

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I love the saying... ‘Wisdom comes from using the knowledge you learn and passion comes from sharing that wisdom with others’. May the wisdom I am sharing here and my passion for juicing inspire you to drink more liquid nutrition and make juicing a regular part of your daily life!

Gary Dowse

Juice Chef