Fruit Salad Juice

Breakfast Juice Recipe

fruit salad juice recipe
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Fruit Salad Juice

QTY: 600 ml
Time: 3 minutes
Category: Breakfast Juice
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If you love a fresh fruit salad as I do then you are going to love this juice recipe. 
You can use any fruit salad combination that you love. I chose these 6 ingredients to get a range of colour. Maybe add some pineapple too if you want to bring in the yellow frequencies.
This juice recipe taste amazing. The juice is thick and creamy and the flavour is fruity and sweet.


  • 1 mango
  • 1 kiwi
  • 0.5 punnet strawberry
  • 0.5 punnet blueberry
  • 2 apples
  • 2 oranges


fruit salad juice ingredients
  • Cut down each side of the large stone
  • Cut each half into halves
  • Juice with skin on
  • Juice kiwi fruits whole with skin on 
  • Juice whole
  • Juice whole
  • Remove the stems and remove any stickers
  • Juice apples whole with skin and seeds.
  • Remove the orange skin leaving as much white pith as possible
  • Juice whole or cut in half if too big to fit into the wide chute



  • Prepare all the ingredients
    fruit salad juice ingredient preparation
  • Juice the berries first. Add all the strawberries, wait for them to push through the juicer then add all the blueberries.
  • Next, add the kiwi fruit, wait for it to push through then add each of the mango cheeks one at a time.
  • Add each of the apples next.
  • Finish with the oranges, add them one at a time.


  • you can use thawed frozen berries and mango cheeks in this recipe. just make sure they are not frozen.


Calories: 391kcal
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fruit salad nutrition

mango – 336g
kiwi – 69g
strawberry – 125g
blueberry – 70g
apple – 298g
orange – 131g

Liquid Nutrition

There is more to every fruit, vegetable and leafy green than taste and flavour. Each one has a unique signature or a "sign from nature" indicating what part of the human body its nutrition targets. The light or the colour of fruits and vegetables can help us heal emotionally (think colour therapy) and the lessons the fruits, vegetables and leafy greens learn when growing get passed onto us, to help us, when we consume them.

mango healing food


Signature: heart, muscles and skin
orange, builds joy and curiosity
Lesson: handle extreme conditions


  • nutritionally rich fruit
  • alkalize body flush out toxic acids
  • muscle, tendon, and bone growth
  • good eyesight and helping to prevent night blindness
  • miracle sleep aid when you eat a mango before bed
kiwi healing juice


Signature: blood flow to eyes
green, builds personal power
Lesson: connect to the vastness of universe, feed your enthusiasm


  • blood thinning alternative to aspirin
  • rich source of lutein to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
  • good source of omega-3
  • helps high blood pressure
strawberry healing


Signature: heart rhythm and muscle
red, builds trust and confidence
Lesson: abundance, enough for everyone


  • high in phenols which act as an anti-inflammatory
  • boost immune system
  • aid macular degeneration
  • contain ellagic acid for heart health
  • lower cholesterol
blueberry healing juice


Signature: brain and visual cortex
blue, builds tolerance and gratitude
Lesson: selfless, accessible, sharing, kindness


  • reverse short-term memory
  • improve vision
  • clear arteries
  • strengthen blood vessels
  • enhance memory

Apple (Red)

Signature: human body
Colour: red, power, trust and confidence
Lessons: protection, hope


  • cushions joints
  • improve lung capacity
  • protects your heart
  • slows aging process


orange healing


Signature: breast cells
orange, builds joy and curiosity
Lesson: second chance, warmth


  • combat cancer
  • protect your heart
  • strengthen respiratory system
  • support immune system
  • high in bioactive calcium
  • high in glutathione for eye health