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Australia's Favourite Cold Press Juicers


Juice Chef uses and recommends Kuvings Cold Press Juicer Machines. They are rated 4.8 stars by Australian consumers and come with free shipping and a 20-year warranty on every motor.



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Kuvings C8000 Juicer

C8000 Grey (includes sorbet attachment)

RRP $699 On Sale $599


Kuvings EVO820 Juicer

EVO820 comes in 7 colours

RRP $899


Kuvings E8000 Juicer

REVO830 Carrot & Celery Juicer

RRP $999


kuvings auto10 hoppper juicer

3 Litre Automatic Juicer

RRP $1099


Kuvings Chef Juicer

CS600 Chef Juicer

RRP $1995


Kuvings Master Chef Juicer

CS700 Master Chef Juicer

RRP $2295 

Which Juicer is best for you?

The Kuvings REVO830 juicer is the best cold press juice machine for extracting the most juice. It has the strongest motor and requires less preparation of celery and carrot.

Every Kuvings Cold Press Juicer model can juice the same fruits, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and more. The higher up you go in models it just makes it a little easier, and quicker and extracts more juice.


To help you decide click on these questions.

Q1. Why do you want to buy a juicer?

1. You want a juicer with the best juice quality and maximum juice.

  • I would recommend you choose the Kuvings Revolution model cold press juicer – REVO830.
  • It extracts the most juice yield of all Kuvings juicers and has the driest pulp and the best quality juice.

2. You want a juicer for health reasons, and you plan to make juice daily and do regular juice cleansing.

  • I would recommend you choose the Kuvings Evolution model cold press juicer – EVO820.
  • The motor has a longer run time which is great for making lots of juice during a juice cleanse.

3. You want a juicer to start having more fresh fruits and veggies, you haven’t juiced much before.

  • I would recommend you choose the Kuvings C8000 model cold press juicer.
  • It is the OG design in vertical cold press juicers, has won many awards, and is perfect for anyone just getting started with juicing.

4. You want to make juice quickly and in large quantities.

  • I would recommend you choose the Kuvings Commercial model cold press juicer – CS600.
  • It is a commercial-quality juicer so is the most expensive machine.
  • It has the largest feeding shoot, the biggest juicing bowl, and the largest auger or press.
  • You can make 5 litres in 10 minutes and will run continuously all day if needed.
Q2. How often do you intend to juice?
  1. Daily – REVO830, AUTO10
  2. Weekly – EVO820
  3. Now and then – C8000

The more often you intend to juice the better quality machine you are going to need. You will get a bigger juice yield in less time, with less effort when using a top of the range Kuvings cold press juice machine.

Q3. What are you going to be juicing?
  1. Fruitschoose any model
  2. Vegetablesevolution model is best due to the flip-gate lid
  3. Herbs, Wheatgrass & Leafy Greens – professional model REVO830
  4. Mix of Everything – walk away hands-free juicer – AUTO10 
  5. Celery and Carrot – the REVO830 is specially designed to extract maximum juice from celery and carrots
Q4. Do you want to make more than just juice?

Do you want to make frozen sorbet, nut milk, and even cold-pressed smoothies?

If you answered yes, then look for the Kuvings juicer models with the extra sorbet and/or smoothie accessories.

Note: – you can purchase accessories separately for all models.

Here are a few of the things you can make in any model Kuvings cold press juicer:

  1. Fruit Sorbet
  2. Fruit Ice Cream
  3. Nut milk / Nut butter
  4. Sauces & Salsa
  5. Hummus
  6. Baby Food

Fast vs Slow juicers

Fast Juicer, Traditional Juicer

A fast juicer has metal blades and spins at a high RPM. It’s technical name is a ‘centrifugal juicer’ and it uses metal blades to cut and rip the fruit and vegetables to extract the juice.

This is probably the most familiar juicer to most people.

Fast juicers naturally pull air into the juice because of the fast spinning motion of the metal blades. This air adds froth to the juice (which is why you often get a ‘head’ on top of a juice from this type of juicer).

When the air and heat combine it causes oxidation – which basically means the juice starts to ‘break down’ – this type of juice is best drunk immediately as some of the nutrients have been lost. This type of juice cannot be stored, and you will find this type of juice ‘goes brown’ very quickly due to oxidation.

types of juicers

Slow Juicer, Cold Press Juicer

A juicer that has no metal blades and spins at very low RPM is a SLOW juicer.

A slow juicer is often referred to as a cold press juicer or masticating juicer. This type of juicer uses a ‘masticating process’ to create juice from fruits and vegetables, it’s just like how we masticate our food when we chew.

The masticating process is done by using a screw auger that both squeezes and crushes the produce against a sieve, to extract the juice.

This action has less oxidation and maintains the maximum amount of nutrients and raw enzymes within the juice.

The added bonus with a slow juicer is, you actually get more juice out of your fruits and vegetables because of the way it extracts the juice!

Whilst typically, you may pay a bit more money for a cold press juicer – you save more money over time because you get more juice out of your fruits and vegetables (and more nutrients).

Also, juice that is extracted from a cold press juicer can be stored, in a sealed glass bottle in the fridge, for up to 72 hours and it will keep its nutritional benefit and most importantly – its colour (after all, we eat with our eyes first!).

I use the Kuvings brand of Cold Press Juicers as not only do they make non-dairy nut mylks, sauces, sorbet and cold press smoothies (with the extra accessories you can purchase), but you get 5 years warranty on the parts and a massive 20 years warranty on the motor.

And yes, they are easy to clean – who doesn’t demand that!

Rated Best Cold Press Juicers

4.8 Star Rating

As a Juice Chef and someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it is critical to have the right tools for the job.

Which is why I have been using and recommending Kuvings Cold Press Juicers and Blenders since 2013.

Not only are Kuvings Juicers of the highest quality and design, they are easy to use and have a super strong motor – which is important if you use it a lot, like I do!

What I love about these Juicers is that you get a great tasting juice every time, with little to no pulp and every juice has a vibrancy of colour, like no other juicer on the market.

And, the Blenders stand in a league of their own, you simply can’t beat the texture and the ability to ‘vacuum seal’ your blends.

As the saying goes, “everything truly does taste better from a Kuvings!”

Why do I think Kuvings Juicers are the best?

I make juice at home every day in a Kuvings Juicer and here is what I know…


Maximum nutrients

Kuvings invented the whole food slow juicer to extract more nutrition.


High quality taste

When you cold press juice you get maximum flavour in every glass.


High yield

Super dry pulp means maximum juice and minimal waste.


Simple, easy to use

Only five parts and one button to press, means anyone use it.


No need to strain

The juice is pressed through a fine strainer with little to no pulp.


Cleaning tools

Every juicer comes with a green cleaning tool and white brush to make cleaning fast & easy.

Quality Guaranteed

Kuvings provide 20 years warranty on the motor and 5 years warranty on the parts.

Kuvings have been making appliances for over 40 years, they manufacture everything in-house, so they stand by their products!