Allergy Ally

Respiratory System Juice Recipe

allergy ally juice recipe
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Allergy Ally

QTY: 750 ml
Time: 5 minutes
Category: Respiratory System
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The liquid nutrition in this juice recipe may help with Hayfever symptoms and seasonal allergies.
Broccoli contains nature’s natural antihistamine and is fantastic for warding off seasonal allergies, watery eyes, sinusitis, sinus infections, colds, flu, and bronchitis. When was the last time you ate a whole head of raw broccoli to get all of its raw nutrition?
Apples and Onions are in the juice recipe because they contain quercetin a bioflavonoid that controls the release of histamine. While pineapple will sweeten the juice it also has Bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme to help with swelling.
The celery I added to help with dehydration, and add some extra Vit C, mineral salts and enzymes. 
If you don’t have a cold press juicer try adding more of these ingredients into your weekly diet to help fight the effects of allergies, naturally.


  • 1 head broccoli
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 red apple
  • 1/2 pineapple


allery ally juice ingredients
  • Cut off the stem
  • Cut the stem into quarters lengthwise
  • Break the florets up into small chunks to fit into the wide chute
  • Chop into small thumb size pieces across the stalks (this shortens the long stringy cellulose fibre and stops it wrapping around the press)
  • You can juice celery leaves, however it will add bitterness, so discard if you don’t like this
  • Cut into half
  • Peel the outer skin
  • Slice off the outer skin
  • Cut into long thin strips to fit down the chute
  • Chop the core into small chunks
  • Remove the stems and remove any stickers
  • Juice apples whole with skin and seeds.
  • Cut in half or quarters if too big to fit into the wide chute.



  • Prepare all ingredients ready for juicing
  • Start with the broccoli florets adding them slowly to the juicer. They will make a lot of noise as they get pressed, this is normal.
  • Next add the cut broccoli stems one piece at a time.
  • Now add the onion followed by the whole apple.
  • Juice the celery next in handfuls at a time letting each handful press through fully before adding more.
  • Finish by adding the pineapple pieces one at a time leaving the cut up core till last.


  • to reduce the astringent, tingly flavour of onions, cut them into chucks and soak them in cold water for 10 mins before juicing.


Serving: 250mlCalories: 317kcal
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Liquid Nutrition

There is more to every fruit, vegetable and leafy green than taste and flavour. Each one has a unique signature or a "sign from nature" indicating what part of the human body its nutrition targets. The light or the colour of fruits and vegetables can help us heal emotionally (think colour therapy) and the lessons the fruits, vegetables and leafy greens learn when growing get passed onto us, to help us, when we consume them.

broccoli healing


Signature: brain, basal ganglia
Colour: green light, builds pride and self-control
Lessons: help us make room for patience and thankfulness in our lives


  • natural anti-histamine
  • natures all-purpose multi-vitamin
  • promotes mental vigor
  • calms muscles
  • improves muscle coordination
  • lowers cancer risk
  • cataract prevention
  • boost immune system
  • good for lung health


Signature: bones
Colour: green, builds pride and self-control
Lessons: calming, simplifying and embracing balance


  • bone minerals
  • fights autoimmune disease
  • flushes out Strep bacteria
  • assist with acid reflux
  • kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles virus
  • raise hydrochloric acid levels
  • improve brain function
  • restores adrenal fatigue
  • flushes out liver toxins
  • reduces liver heat

Apple (Red)

Signature: human body
Colour: red, power, trust and confidence
Lessons: protection, hope


  • cushions joints
  • improve lung capacity
  • protects your heart
  • slows aging process


pineapple healing


Signature: strengthens all tubes and cells
Colour: yellow light, builds wonder and strengthens will power
Lessons: pineapple teaches us to have more resilience, and offers us energetic protection


  • aids digestion
  • blocks diarrhea
  • dissolves warts
  • relieves cold symptoms
  • strengthens bones


red onion healing

Onion, Red

Signature: cells and organelles
Colour: purple light, builds creativity and imagination
Lessons: be free from anger and live your life


  • quercetin, a bioflavonoid that is particularly well suited for scavenging free radicals
  • high in lowers cholesterol
  • prevent strokes and heart attack
  • removes bacteria and viruses from the body
  • natural antibiotic
  • protect lungs

Other Plant-based Food for healing Allergies

  • green beans
  • strawberries
  • citrus fruits
  • wheatgrass
  • leafy greens
  • cherry tomato
  • flaxseeds


Herbal Teas for Allergies

  • yarrow tea
  • elderflower tea
  • nettle tea