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Hi, I’m Gary. Nice to e-meet you. I hope my website inspires you to drink more fresh juice, learn more about the benefits of juicing and living a healthy lifestyle!

My Story

Juicing became a big part of my life when I met “Cowboy” Don Tolman in 2013. He introduced me to a healing juice called CABALA which stands for Carrot, Apple, Beetroot, Apple, Lemon, Apple. He had been using this juice recipe along with juice fasting and cleansing protocols to help people heal from many discomforts for over 50 years. Who knew juices could do this!

I have since learnt, from listening to many peoples personal experience’s and studying with various teachers and professionals, that juicing and changing to a plant-based wholefood lifestyle can actually heal many of today’s modern lifestyle illnesses.

I myself have have healed my gallbladder and liver as well as sorting out my digestive issues from juicing everyday and following the 7 principles of health that I talk about in my book.

I believe in the saying that ‘wisdom comes from using the knowledge you learn and passion comes from sharing that wisdom with others’. So, I hope my wisdom and passion inspires you to make juicing a regular part of your life and that it motivates you to share your own healing story.


Natural Juice Therapist

certification, Jason Vale Juice Master Academy (2018)

Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition

certification, e-Cornell University (2017)

Plant-Based Professional Chef

certification, Rouxbe International (2017)

Wholefood Medicine

certification, Tolman Univercity (2019)

Energy Medicine and Health Coaching

certification, Four Winds Society (2013)

Chinese Massage Therapy

certification, ATCMA Melbourne (2004)

Black Belts

Kung Fu (1997), Taekwondo (2003)

About Gary

Gary Dowse is a passionate advocate for using food as medicine and supporting individuals on their journey to wellness. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of nutrition, Gary has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge and expertise through his website, Juice Chef.

Born in Canberra, ACT, Australia in 1970, Gary’s life took a remarkable turn when he received his 1st Black Belt in Kungfu. His instructor’s wise words, “Gary, you now know how to hurt people, but if you want to be great, you now need to learn how to heal people,” ignited a newfound purpose within him. It prompted him to transition from a career in computer programming to one focused on health and healing.

Gary has organized numerous retreats across Victoria and New South Wales, imparting valuable insights on juicing, plant-based wholefood nutrition, and adopting a healthy lifestyle through his highly regarded 3 and 7-day juice cleanse programs. Through these transformative experiences, he empowers individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

As the Master Juice Chef for Kuvings Australia, Gary’s expertise is widely recognized. You’ll often find him gracing the stage at various shows and festivals across the country, captivating audiences with his knowledge on juicing, plant-based wholefood nutrition, cleansing, and detoxing. His dynamic presence and passion for promoting wellness make him an engaging and sought-after speaker.

Gary’s dedication to sharing his wisdom extends beyond live events. He has authored two books and numerous eBooks, providing an extensive collection of juice recipes and juice cleanse guides. Through his written work, Gary ensures that individuals everywhere can access valuable resources to support their health journeys.

While Gary’s professional achievements are remarkable, his personal life is equally fulfilling. He resides in Torquay, on the Surf Coast, along with his beautiful wife, Julianne. Together, they embody the principles of vitality and wellness, living a lifestyle that reflects the positive changes they inspire in others.

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